Australian Capital Territory

A former sheep property, NSW surrendered 2,358 square kilometres now known as the Australian Capital Territory in 1908 to house the Federal Government.  The capital Canberra is home to more than 351,000 people mostly employed in politics or services to politicians.  The region can be very hot in the summer and bitterly cold in winter.  When I lived there it snowed one year but every August the wind chill factor was constant with the wind coming off the Snowy Mountains.

The city has grown into itself and the once soulless city now has a lot to offer.

New Parliament House was reportedly built on the site that they buried a mountain of uneaten sausage rolls left over from the opening of the Old Parliament House at the turn of the 20th Century.  The building and its surrounds are splendid and fitting for the most planned city in Australia.  They’ve had the money and the time to get it right!

The Tower on Black Mountain provides an excellent lookout across the region.  The Australian War Memorial is constantly expanding and contains exhibits that are spectacular.  In particular G for George.

Spring Floriade sees one million flowers specially planted in Commonwealth Park.  A fabulous welcome to the season.

Other places to visit include National Art Gallery, National Portrait Gallery Yarralumla and Namadgi National Park.

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